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Studio magazine is a leading art publication with a focus on contemporary artists of African descent. In its second decade, Studio continues to celebrate artists and inform audiences through thought-provoking essays, insightful conversations,
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Aural Histories

Dance icon, Dianne McIntyre was familiar with close-calls between her dancers and the sculptures on the gallery floor.

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Making Space & Marking Time

I have seen how change begins through healing and as an art therapist and educator, I am deeply in

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Spotlight on Education

Over the last fifty years, The Studio Museum in Harlem has offered a number of school, youth, and family programs for people with specific needs by creating platforms for dynamic educational experi

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Women Leading the Charge: A Discussion on Social Practice in Harlem

As The Studio Museum in Harlem enters the second year of inHarlem—a series of collaborative programs and public art initiatives exploring innovative ways to work in the neighborhood—I’m ho

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Ishmael Houston-Jones: PLATFORM 2012: Parallels

The following is an excerpt from Ishmael Houston-Jones’s curatorial statement, which appears in the catalogue for PLATFORM 2012: Parallels.

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Flux with Us: A Personal Perspective on Benjamin Patterson

After last week's Benjamin Patterson performance, I asked one of the fearless audience volunteers, Matthew D.

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Archive Spotlight

Arranging and describing an archival collection is called processing, and processing is ruled by a foundational principle called respect des fonds.

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From the Archive c. 1970

As I continue with my fellowship in the Studio Museum archive, I have come to fully appreciate the role the Museum plays as an influencer of Black culture across the world.

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Looking Back: History on Paper

As a Curatorial Intern at the Studio Museum in Harlem, it has been exciting to work behind the scenes as part of the planning process of exhibitions supporting the Museum’s mission as a site for th

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Black Refractions

The Studio Museum was founded in 1968 amidst an atmosphere of national and global activism. The year brought the collective shock over the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F.

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Ancient to the Future

The Studio Museum in Harlem came into being as a space to support artists of the African diaspora, who, throughout history, had been largely shut out of exhibition and commercial opportunities.

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A Collection is Born

The Studio Museum in Harlem  opened in 1968—a watershed year that included the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F.

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