Museum Professionals Seminar

The Museum Professionals Seminar is a program designed to provide professional development inspired by the Studio Museum’s mission. The Seminar is a series of educational workshops aimed at supporting museum professionals looking to incubate, ideate, and network. The program promotes discussion, interaction, and exposure with special attention to skill-building and career-readiness. Workshops will include exchanges with staff and leadership from the Studio Museum, thinking about the theoretical and practical perspectives pertaining to arts and culture work. 

The program will make space for new and emerging professionals to build community while learning and discussing contemporary issues relevant to the arts and culture sector. Weekly readings will be assigned to help steer conversations around relevant topic areas, which include cultural specificity, curatorial practice, arts administration, education, and public programming.

Participants will write a culminating essay in response to the themes discussed in the sessions. The papers are intentionally co-authored to tap into the collectivist spirit and sense of mutual responsibility imbued in this growing community of arts workers.

This Seminar takes place on Zoom and Google Classroom. 

The Museum Professionals Seminar welcomes undergraduates, graduate students, and early-career professionals seeking opportunities to broaden their knowledge of the field in the midst of a shifting employment landscape. 


Museum Professionals Seminar | Final Reflections

The Studio Museum Professional Seminar Participants co-authored reflection essays based on themes and topics from the Seminar series. The reflection pieces range from the poetic to the practical, and everything in between. The themes, ideas, and notions discussed in the essays critically reflect on the contemporary moment as well as the conditions from which artistic and cultural production is possible.