VidéoStudio New Work from France
Apr 1, 2010 - Jun 27, 2010
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  • Bouchra Khalili Straight Stories–Part 2: Anya, 2008. (video still) Courtesy the artist

  • Djamel Kokene 4'33" (20 ans de nationaliteé francaise), 2006. (video still) Courtesy the artist and Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris

  • Yto Barrada The Smuggler, 2006. (video still) Courtesy the artist

VidéoStudio: New Work from France is the second installment of VideoStudio, an ongoing series of video art. In a trio of month-long programs, the Studio Museum presents the work of three North African artists—Djamel Kokene (April), Bouchra Khali (May) and Yto Barrada (June)—who were born or currently live in France. While these artists emerge from a specifically Afro-European context, the exhibition brings together work that considers “France”—and the very idea of the nation—as a concept rather than a stable category. Together their work encourages us to consider the relationship between individuals and the state; culture and the law; and identity and modes of representation.

Organized by Curatorial Assistant Thomas J. Lax, VidéoStudio: New Work from France continues the Studio Museum’s mission to present work by international artists of African descent. Positing that video work is changed and transformed by the context in which it is viewed, this ongoing program attests to the variable relationship between meaning, place and self in the making and interpretation of art.

Works screen on a continuous loop during museum hours. Click here to see Djamel Kokene's work Gestes, included in the exhibition.