Peter Adjaye Music for Architecture (Vol. 1)
Jul 18, 2007 - Oct 28, 2007

StudioSound invites musicians, producers and musical innovators to create original compositions inspired by the works on view. From Daniel Bernard Roumain’s classically inspired interpretation of Chris Ofili’s watercolors to DJ Scientific’s remix and reinvention of Harlem sounds, this commissioned project activates the Museum’s lobby and adds a parallel dimension to the art and artists on view. For this season of StudioSound, we are proud to feature Music for Architecture (Volume 1) by Peter Adjaye. A composition based in four parts, this work is inspired by the architecture designed by his brother, internationally acclaimed British architect David Adjaye. Born out of conversations between Peter and David on the nature and vision employed in his public buildings and art installations, this musical selection presents cinematic soundscapes of ever spiraling and evolving sounds and textures. It is a work that ties together all of the collaborations between Peter and David thus far. Compositions include sound installations for the Noble Field in the Noble Peace Centre in Olso, Norway (2005) as well as the soundtracks to films featuring David's buildings.