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Studio LIVE | Naudline Pierre x Legacy Russell

This Longing Vessel: Studio Museum Artists in Residence 2019–20, MoMA PS1 December 10, 2020–March 14, 2020.
Photo: Kris Graves

Dec 16, 2020


Watch & Listen 2020, 2019-20 AIR, Studio Live

Following the opening of This Longing Vessel: Studio Museum Artists in Residence 2019–20, join us for a special week of Studio LIVE programming featuring the 2019–20 Artist-in-Residence cohort. On Wednesday, December 16 at 1:00 pm EST,  hear painter Naudline Pierre engage in conversation with Legacy Russell, Associate Curator, Exhibitions on Instagram live

Portraying a mysterious world, Naudline Pierre’s (b. 1989, Leominster, MA) work unites a personal mythology full of characters paused in intimate scenes. Apocalyptic depictions interwoven with messages of sin and damnation, of purity and goodness, of blessings and humility, and of shame and guilt, come together in her work to create a strange, imagined universe. Recurring characters interact with an unnamed protagonist who exists as an otherworldly alter ego, moving through a shadowy alternate space. Drawing references from the ritual of anointing, the work emphasizes hands and touch in order to explore the complexities of existence. In this live conversation, hear Pierre and Russell discuss Pierre’s practice, artistic influences, and work presented in This Longing Vessel along with ideas of radical intimacy and possibility as tied to Pierre’s practice. 

To watch the talk, visit the Studio Museum’s Instagram page at 1:00 pm EST.

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