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Artists on Artists | Fictions

Texas Isaiah

My Grandson’s Stretch (detail), 2016

Digital photograph, 20 × 30 in.

Edition of 3

Courtesy the artist

Jan 14, 2018


Last Look, Adult Programs, Artist Talks

This in-gallery program is presented on the occasion of Fictions, a survey of recent work by nineteen emerging artists of African descent who live and work across the United States. The artists in the exhibition engage with a variety of media, drawing inspiration from diverse sources—such as everyday objects, childhood memories, current and historic events, and the body—often creating parallel or alternate narratives that complicate fact, fiction and memory. Join us as Fictions exhibiting artists—including visual narrator and photographer Texas Isaiah and figurative painter Walter Price—discuss representing Black personhood across mediums.

Artists on Artists is an ongoing series that invites contemporary artists to respond to specific works on view in the Studio Museum galleries with a focus on form and process. Through guided observation, visitors hear from artists working across a diversity of media as they reflect on impactful works, and explore their own connections to—and interpretations of—the exhibiting artist's practice and methods.

This event is a part of Last Look, a four-day celebration of art and artists from our final exhibition season in our current building.