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Give Us a Poem: Chanice Hughes-Greenberg

Chanice Hughes-Greenberg

Texas Isaiah
My Name Is My Name I, 2016
Courtesy the artist

this is what bodies do
Chanice Hughes Greenberg

bend under weight
carry as well
fold into another
& another

a limb here fits into the space yours creates
the light invited in
kept close

how many miles of organs do we contain
how to measure breaths taken
a mouth’s capacity

scars stitches body hair
a fingerprint a tongue
apply pressure

deliver a palm reading
an elbow a kneecap
a memory of fracture

sometimes a vessel
a warning
tender when touched

then collected contained
offered obeyed

stretched toward the light
towards the morning through the binds

in another life a constellation
in another no history of pain
a body at rest

Chanice Hughes-Greenberg is a poet, Capricorn, and postcard collector hailing from upstate New York by way of Long Island. Her work has appeared in Caketrain, Art Observed, Packet Biweekly, Horse Less Review, Big Lucks, Studio , and No, Dear. She has participated in readings with The Poetry Project, Lamprophonic, Sunday at Erv’s, and The Freya Project. She received a BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.