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DIY Flip Books: with Ginny Huo

Studio Museum

Photo: Chloe Hayward

Photo: Chloe Hayward

The Studio Museum in Harlem brought in the New Year with inspiration from Focus: Danielle Dean. During our Target Free Sunday Hands On workshop, visitors created flip books to explore transformation through animation! We caught up with Teaching Artist Ginny Huo to learn more about how her own artwork informed this exciting process. Read our interview with her and learn how to create your own flip book below.

Chloe Hayward: Tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from originally?

Ginny Huo: Well, I moved around a lot but I was born in Hawaii, my family is Korean. I grew up mostly in the suburbs of Chicago.

CH: What inspires you to create?

GH: A lot of my inspiration comes from stories, Korean cultural myths, things my family has shared. What inspires me seems to be autobiographical, or at least this is a launching pad to create and make sense of things. Most of all, I think creativity is a safe space for fun, it’s important to allow ourselves as adults to do this…to play as we work through stuff. We need to not set limits but be open to try new things and be able to relish in the failures.

CH: What role does animation play in your artwork? How is this important? Is it (important)?

GH: Animation is a fun way to explore imagination, to create a narrative that is constantly changing space. I definitely feel it’s an important part of my work. There are things you can do in animation that you just can’t do with a sculpture.

CH: Tell me more about that. What do you feel animation does for you as a visual artist that other media may not?

GH: Animation is freedom. In a sculpture you’ve create this physical object that may be stagnant in a lot of ways. Animation creates objects, like our flip books we are making in the workshop, that allow fluid movement and a longer, more cohesive narrative.

DIY Flip Book


  • Post-it (sticky) notes
  • Marker
  • Patience


1: Draw a circle on the LAST page of the post it booklet

2: Make the circle MOVE! Move the circle a little bit on each page.

3: Morph (change) your circle to a different shape.

4: Create a title and sign your name.

5: Flip it!

Target Free Sunday’s Hands On Workshops are every Sunday from 2–4pm. Don’t forget to check out our calendar for upcoming Family Programs. We hope to see you uptown soon!