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DIY: Conversations in Collage

Studio Museum

Derrick Adams
Prints Are In (detail), 2017
Courtesy the artist and Tilton Gallery, New York

Work with a partner to create a fabric collage as you communicate through art! Inspired by Derrick Adams: Patrick Kelly, The Journeycollaborate and respond to each other’s creative decisions.

Colored masking tape
Pipe cleaners
Used clothing or fabric
Elmer’s Glue

Key Words
Collage: A form of art making derived from the French coller, meaning “to stick.”

Response: A thoughtful reaction to something written, verbal, or visual.

Composition: The way in which something is put together or arranged.

1. Have an adult cut the cardboard into two rectangles.

2. Gather fabric (T-shirts or other textiles you no longer use), pipe cleaners and masking tape. Cut fabric and pipe cleaners into equal pieces and divide among the partners.

3. Decide which person is going to begin, and then take turns gluing one material at a time onto one’s own cardboard to build a composition. Continue to take turns, cutting and manipulating materials along the way, if desired. Each artist should decide the placement of materials based on the other partner’s decisions until one has run out of materials. And now you’ve had a “conversation” through collage!


—Chloe Hayward