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Day One with Many More to Come

Studio Museum

Expanding the Walls participants experimenting in the darkroom at the School of Visual Arts, New York
Photo: Pia Patwary

This February, in partnership with the School of Visual Arts, participants had the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of photography from photographer and professor Isaac Diggs. Here is participant Terrell’s experience:

During my first visit to the School of Visual Arts, I was tremendously impressed and inspired to learn more about photography. This being my first class on the subject, I did not think I would gain as much of an understanding about photography as I did. I learned terms like “aperture,” “f-stop,” and “shutter speed,” along with other many others. I gained a deeper understanding through hands-on practice in the darkroom. The darkroom is a place where photographers can develop their pictures on sheets of light-sensitive paper. Along with learning the development process we were taught the science of developing a picture: the three steps include processing the light sensitive paper in developer (container 1), stopper (container 2), and fixer (container 3). These chemicals form a Black and white image with great detail. This amazed me because I never knew the process, which makes me want to expand my knowledge of photography.

The best part about photography is that we use it all the time. What makes me excited is that I will be able to use this new knowledge in my everyday life. I would also be able to use this to help myself begin my career.

My name is Terrell. I’m in twelfth grade and was born in New York. I’m an aspiring artist in the fields of singing-songwriting, music engineering, photography, and performing. Music has been my life since I was kid. It was a way for me to express my feelings. Other things that I am interested in are politics, economics, entertainment law, and fashion design.

“There’s no right way to get where you want, you just need a dream, determination, and a plan.” 
—Terrell, Expanding the Walls 2018