April, Showers of Excitement and Success

Studio Museum

I-95, 2018
Courtesy the artist

This April, Expanding the Walls participants had our first meeting with curators from the Studio Museum. Since the start of the program, and in preparation for our exhibition, we have been given photography assignments to build our portfolios. My fellow participants and I have been exploring the journey of our own art, and making pieces we’d like to show our friends and family. Some of these photographs will soon be selected as part of our exhibition. The curatorial meeting was a big moment for us all. It was the first time we made movements towards the realization of our end-of-program show.  

The meeting consisted of timed sessions with one curator and a group of three to four participants who shared their work. Although in preparation for the exhibition, the meeting’s purpose was also for our assigned curators to get to know us and our art. They were able to get a sense of what we like to capture, as well as give tips that can heighten our work.

In addition to the critique of the curators, fellow participants gave each other compliments and observations. “This curatorial meeting really made me excited to show my work in August, I can’t wait for the next one to show all my improved work,” said Jakelyn, a fellow participant.

After the process of evaluating our work, the curators recommended artists for us to look to for inspiration. It was super helpful to talk about my artwork in a professional setting. Talking about all aspects of my photos helped me to know what I’d like to focus on for further assignments and photos. The curators’ advice and simple commentary was encouraging. Hearing professionals evaluate my work definitely validated my efforts and made me feel as if I’ve been improving, and will be ready for the exhibition. Overall, our first curatorial meeting was an immense success and left many of us feeling just a little bit more prepared, and extremely hopeful for the future!

My name is Shashamani and I am from Flatbush, Brooklyn. I am passionate about art and like to be surrounded by creative minds. My favorite artists are author Zora Neale Hurston, poet Maya Angelou, and their many talented peers.