fbpx An Afternoon with Betty Grayson | The Studio Museum in Harlem

An Afternoon with Betty Grayson

Chloe Hayward

Photo: SaVonne Anderson

Chloe Hayward: How long have you been attending Target Free Sundays?

Betty Grayson: I’ve been coming for over five years now.

CH: Can you tell me about your first memory visiting The Studio Museum in Harlem?

BG: I don’t remember what show it was, I can barely remember yesterday, memory isn’t what it used to be [smiles]. I was really impressed, really in awe to see such wonderful art for free. I’ve lived in Harlem for over twenty-five years and I’ve been coming here a long, long time.

CH: What is your favorite art material to work with?

BG: Collage! I love doing collages. It’s like you’re able to just piece together things that make you happy or give you something to say. I’ll put things like “beauty” and “well done,” things like that.

CH: Why do you keep coming back to Target Free Sundays? What draws you to the Hands On workshops?

BG: I like practically all of them. I love coming here, the staff is great. I like that you don’t have to follow a script or anything when you’re working. You’re just creating what you want, and I like seeing the kids making their masterpieces [laughs].

CH: What do you like most about the Studio Museum?

BG: To me, it’s a way of release and relaxing, especially after working all week. It’s just enjoyable since I live alone. I like to get out and come here, it just makes me happy . . . [sings] Happy!