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Studio (un)framed: Fences

Studio (un)framed is a new commissioning project inviting artists to use the museum’s magazine, Studio, as a jumping-off point for the creation of an accessible and affordable artist’s multiple. The first incarnation of Studio (un)framed, available exclusively at the Museum Store, is an intervention by 2003-04 artist in residence Dave McKenzie.

McKenzie’s work Fences (2010) is both a physical addendum to the magazine and an investigation into language:as part of the project, McKenzie is attempting to learn to speak Chinese. Fences intersperses six photo postcards throughout fall/winter 2010 issue of Studio and wraps the magazine in a sheet that evokes schoolchildren’s brown paper textbook covers, but unfolds to reveal McKenzie’s writings on language, travel, fences, neighbors and the meaning of life.

McKenzie says, “I wanted to make a work that showed a process of thinking while also initiating a moment to act. So, the text and the photographs are a way for me to sketch out an artistic position in relation to daily concerns. Even the title, Fences, is less a metaphor for physical borders and more a metaphor for moving past seemingly random occurrences and towards meaningful actions.”

Fences was produced in an edition of 300, signed and numbered by the artist.The first 50 copies are now on sale for a special price of $25, making Fences a perfect investment for a beginning collector, Studio reader or art enthusiast.

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