Limited Editions

Benefit Print Project: Dawit L. Petros

A sampling of a sequence of thoughts, meditations, digressions, associations and recollections derived from a series of walks through Harlem. Single cube formation, double cube formation No. 1, triple cube formation No. 1 (Temporary installation of found cardboard boxes)
22.25 x 30 inches
Archival digital print with copper plate embossment on Hahnemuhle paper
Edition of 35

Dawit L. Petros (2008-09)
Born 1973, Asmara, Eritrea
Live and works in New York, NY

During his residency at the Studio Museum, Petros expanded his photographic process from images that were largely representational to ones more closely related to abstraction, resulting in a body of work titled HARLECHROME that is a deep investigation of forms, objects and materials. His process involved taking a series of walks around Harlem, isolating and capturing colors and textures from the area to create an abstract and semiabstract photographic archive of the community. His works offer an alternative narrative of one told through formal attributes rather than social history and mythology.

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