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Our New Building

If you’ve passed by 144 West 125th Street lately, you may have noticed some changes!

The first major phase of our building project is underway. As we prepare to begin construction on our brand-new facility, designed by Adjaye Associates in collaboration with Cooper Robertson, we must first dismantle the existing building. Protective fencing, a sidewalk scaffold, and netting wrapped around the building are some of the most visible steps we will take to keep our neighbors safe and minimize disruption during demolition. Construction is expected to continue through 2021.

The new Studio Museum will be the first home the institution has ever occupied that will be conceived and built for its program. The building will rise on the site of the century-old commercial building adapted for the Studio Museum in the early 1980s by the pioneering architect J. Max Bond Jr. The new building will provide the custom-built and expanded facilities, enriched visitor experience, and strong architectural presence appropriate to a premier center for contemporary artists of African descent, the principal visual art institution in Harlem and a magnet for visitors from around the world.

Questions about what’s going on? Email neighbors@studiomuseum.org

Want to be part of the team? To inquire about employment opportunities on the Studio Museum’s construction project, please contact communityemployment@mckissack.com or call 646.386.7277.


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Exterior View from 125th Street Plaza

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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Street Level View of Main Entrance

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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View of Main Entrance from 125th Street

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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View from 124th Street

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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Cross Section Perspective from Lenox Avenue

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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Interior View of Lobby

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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Interior View of Public Hall

Flexible, tiered space that can serve as a public hall for lectures, performances, or films, or an informal gathering place Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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Second Floor Gallery

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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Third Floor Double-Height Gallery

Courtesy Adjaye Associates

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