Archives | FAQ

What is The Studio Museum in Harlem Archives? 
The Studio Museum in Harlem Archives documents the institutional history of the Museum since its founding. We collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to historical materials related to the Museum’s rich history. From exhibitions to ephemera, special events to our Artist-in-Residence program, the Museum Archives ensures that the innovative and exciting ways the Studio Museum has supported art by artists of African descent is safeguarded for the future. 

Can I come visit the archive in person? 
Physical access to The Studio Museum in Harlem Archives is currently restricted. We hope to accommodate on-site researchers in the future, after the opening of our new Museum. 

Is this the entire archive? 
No, what you can view in the Digital Archives is a very small sample of the collection as a whole.  Selections of archival material are being digitized as they are processed, and will be added to the Digital Archives site on an ongoing basis.  

How can I ask a reference question?  
Please email with research requests and any reference questions that cannot be answered by viewing the Digital Archives. Please note, research requests will be fulfilled according to the capacity of Museum staff, and more complex requests may not be able to be accommodated.   

Can I download archival material? 
The Digital Archives cannot be downloaded. If you need to reproduce archival material for commercial, educational, or reference use, please email